“Replace loose, or missing gas cap”

It can be that it may just be loose so by simply tightening the gas cap by doing it your self  (most caps of your car's era click when tightened - tighten at least three clicks) or replacing it for a couple dollars is the fix.

What is you don’t do this?
But if left unchecked can result in a 0.5% decrease in gas mileage and harm the environment or the car's emissions.
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Automobile manuals online
EMANUAL ONLINE Is home to a large inventory of high quality and informative workshop, service, and repair manuals that can be acquired at the best prices in the industry, along with the fact the products are available instantly to download if you so wish. Emanual Online is your One-stop car diagnostics headquarters.
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Automobile Diagnostic Tools
Diagnostics Tools! When working on cars and trucks at this moment; computer testing and diagnostics tools are an integral aspect to how your car is performing. From resetting electronic features, including automotive CPUs to repairing issues manually, diagnostic tools are necessary to find car root causes to major and potential problems.

At Engine light On we have a page with a widget(s) from our affiliate about their inventory on diagnostics testing tools such as pressure test kits, digital code readers, digital tachometers, circuit testers and many other items that are crucial to your vehicle diagnostics testing. Browse them here!
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An Informative Site About  Automobile Check Engine Light On Causes & Fixes!
If your "Check Engine" Light Is ON...

The first thing is not to panic! You have to realize that this is your car's way of telling you that there's a problem and it might just be a loose gas cap, but could be more serious and costly. Even if your car is driving Okay, the problem wont go away and could get worse and cost you more to repair.

To minimize further damage to your vehicle, diagnose the problem ASAP. Find the right diagnostic tool to diagnose the causes of your check engine problems yourself and find out what repairs should cost, so you can be in complete control of your car repairs. If not take the car to your Mechanic.
Welcome to Engine Light On; We hope to be of service by providing information about causes and fixes when engine light goes on via related merchants banners, text links, articles, videos with such information plus advertisement. Thank You and get your engine light on - OFF! - IF THIS PAGE AND OTHERS TROUGHT THIS SITE HAVE BLANK SPACES THAT'S BECAUSE YOU HAVE SOME SORE OF AD BLOCKERS SOFTWARE INSTALLED. That is your choice!  "But you are missing a lot"  We are an informative and comparison site; How are you going to compare and be informed if there is nothing to compare to? And also you can miss advertisement that can interest you!, Thank you for visiting anyway, Management.
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